Detailed below is a very brief overview of the Ford Econoline Pickup’s features and dimensional specifications.  Underneath that we feature a photo gallery of a vintage 1961 Ford Trucks brochure.

We have also included some other old marketing materials and spec sheets as well.  These brochures contain the full rundown of technical data and other important specs.  ***Please note that some of the specs between the pickup and vans for the same model year are identical.

Vehicle Features / Specifications

Listed below are the original stock specifications for the 1961-1967 Ford Econoline Pickup. As this truck is often modified by enthusiasts; if you are in the market for a used one you are likely to find different configurations.

  • Production Years: 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967
  • Related Vehicle: Ford Falcon
  • Body Style: 3-Door Pickup Truck
  • Layout: Front mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive / cab over (US) or forward control (Europe)
  • Engines: 144 cid Falcon Six I6 (Early Models) / 170 cid Thriftpower Six I6 & 240 cid I6 (Later Models)
  • Transmissions: 3-Speed Manual (Late models had automatic)


1961 Ford Econoline PickupDimensional Specs

  • Wheelbase – 90.0in
  • Width – 75.0 in
  • Height – 76.9 in
  • Curb Weight – 2,500 lbs

To learn more about the Ford Econoline pickup truck check out our History page.

Vintage Ford Econoline Brochures

Pictured below are various pages from vintage Ford Econoline brochures.  We have pulled out the pickup focused sections along with important technical data.  Included in the gallery below is a 1961 Brochure as well as other miscellaneous marketing materials.

***Be sure to click on the image for a larger view


Anything else to add?  Let us know below…

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john palmer

I love your site. I’m trying to find a gas tank and floor pans for my 1966 5 window pickup . do you know any companies that carry these and other parts? thanks, john

Daniel Thurber

Looking for a ’64 Econoline doghouse cover or a entire doghouse from a newer Epup

Jesse Luna

Looking for quarter glass both left and right for 1961 ford econoline pickup truck


Hello Jesse,
Have you been able to find the the glass you’re looking for? If not, email me.


I am in search of a 1961 ford econoline truck. I live in Indiana
Any help with finding one would greatly appreciate

george elizondo

Hi Peggy
I know of a 1961 for sale.
I just saw it last week, I was impressed because it no Rust.
Straight Body. Ugly color though, its green, but the owner said the least he would take was $5,000. Needs restoration. if interested call me 956-207-3818 George

Douglas H Wise

I have a 62

william bower

looking for econoline pick up Louisiana project or good deal

Scott B Benedict

I inherited a 67 pickup. Had all the running gear rebuilt and replaced. starting body rework. Minor dings. BAD tailgate, but survivable. they’re not available. The site has been very helpful w/ information and stats. Might buy a parts car w/ a good tailgate.


How is the “6 window” discerend from the “3 window” Is that the correct names? Did the ‘6’ only come for a few yrs? The 3 has a pretty small cab (I’m right up on the steering wheel). Is ‘the 6″ any bigger?
Thanx 4 any help!
– -Chad


OK, got it – an option so no bigger & in many fewer vehicles. Any 1 have a link to 1 of those “production charts” on the econo p/u showing these (correct name) 5 window?


So it was never offered as a V8 302?

Sandy Hall

I inherited a 1961 Ford Econoline pickup. The VIN tag does not match the vehicle at all. The rear end is bad. I heard there are two rear ends for this truck. Can I mic the teeth or something and decide which one I need or is there another way without pulling it? Does anyone know where I could find one. Thank you very much!

Steven Cole

I have a 1961 Econoline pick up, it’s missing the floor pan underneath the front.. Anyone have something or a plave to buy it? Thanks Steve


Would 1965 have the “Big 6”?


I have a 1961 pickup got a fl title but I don’t have the ID plate from the door jam do you think that will be a problem? I want to know if anyone knows how to get the artwork on the the econoline pickup?