Listed below are various resources online focused on the Ford Econoline Pickup.  This includes links to forums, places to find OEM and aftermarket parts along with restoration information.

Econoline Pickup Parts

We have now launched a parts section to this site.  CLICK HERE to go directly to our parts archive, which mostly consists of used OEM components.  For places to find new parts and accessories check out the options below.

New & Used Parts on eBay

 to go directly to the results page on eBay or check out some of the top auctions below.

Click Here to go directly to the 1961-1967 Econoline section.  This includes all types of parts including maintenance and restoration for both the pickup truck and van body style.

Follow this link to go directly to the Dennis Carpenter Ford Econoline page.  Dennis Carpenter is a website that focuses on Ford restoration parts for cars, trucks, tractors and more.  There is a focus on early model Econoline models along with Ford Bronco trucks.


Restoration Resources

There are currently not many comprehensive resources online for Ford Econoline Pickup restorations.  You can find one website here.  Another good place to check is YouTube for videos from owners.

Early Econoline Resources

Another place you may want to check is this Blogspot page by a guy run who was restoring a pickup sometime ago.  Not sure if he ever finished it and a lot of the links are now dead on his page, however it is worth checking out.  This is particularly true if you are restoring an old Econoline Pickup or are looking for a rare part.


Econoline Truck Forums

We currently have a forum in BETA mode.  Check out that discussion over on our Forum page.  For other boards see below. is a website similar to this one that is focused on 1961 to 1967 Ford Econoline Pickups.  The site includes Pictures, Events and a comprehensive resources page with many links to parts websites.  Also featured on this site is a fairly active forums.  Visit the Ford Econoline Forum.

Other Forums to Check



Econoline Pickups For Sale

One of the primary focuses of this site is to display Ford Econoline Pickup trucks across the United States.  We mainly feature Craigslist classified ads along with user submitted vehicles.  We focus on Craigslist because it is the most popular and it is not as easy to search the entire United States at once.  Listed below are a few other places you can find Ford Econoline Pickups for sale besides here and your local Craigslist.


Another other good Ford Econoline Pickup links or community groups?  List them in the comments section below.  The best ones we will feature on this page.

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octavio morales

I am currently searching for my fathers ’61, I still have the title but i was lost or stolen when I was young. Do you know any resources that I could contact to try and find a truck based on pictures and a vin #
Thank you,


I’m looking the side body molding chrome

Randy Gornik

Got it, excellent shape,every piece


I’m looking for the trim for the right door of a spring special.

Chris Henderson

May have what your looking for can you send a pic of the pieces that your missing

Howard Mcclary

I can not see a way to add a picture. Can you give me your e-mail and I will send a picture. I need the parts for the passenger door, but I think they are the same for either door.



Ben Vartanian

Still have this trim?

john palmer

I looking for a battery box cover and a gas tank for my 66 econoline pickup.


I’m looking for seats for 1966 econoline pickup both sides

Randy Gornik

Got them , needs recovered.


Any one have a
Tail gate for a 1961 ford Econoline?


you and me both man! Gotta find a tailgate, mine has some serious rust issues.


Any have a 1961 Ford Econolpne tail gate for sale?

Chris Brittain

Hey Buddy do you still have the tailgate for sale.


Seats for 62 5 window PLEASE !!!!

Randy Gornik

Got them, need recovering


Still have them?

Randy Gornik

I am looking for a tailgate 61-67

Debra French

I need 4 wheels for my 65 Spring special…. advice on aftermarket

Dan Pate

Looking for nose letters along with ideas for dash cluster. Someone suggested early mustang but havnt measured

Greg Robinson

58 -60 ford pickup is the same I believe

Aristeo miranda

Need both square interior panels for a 1966 Ford econoline truck

tom keegan

hi im looking for a belly pan / air dam reflector , its called a few things , for a 1965 ford econoline van

Jim Rule

I have a 1961. I made one from a piece of aluminum and had the tin shop press some ribs in it to keep it from oil canning. It was quite easy to fasten at the rear corners and three bolts across the front. No problem to remove for maintenance. BTW,the missing belly pan is the reason a lot of owners have trouble with overheating. Most of the ones that show that area in pics, the pan is missing.


Anyone have a tailgate or side trim 4″ for a 1965 Ford Econoline?

Dan Thurber

Any idea where I can find floor pan repair panels for my ’61 Mercury M100 EPup? Specifically the panels that surround the doghouse? I already have the front pans from Mac’s.

Dan Thurber

Anyone in MN or the Dakota’s have a good complete doghouse for sale? Want the deeper ’65+.


1963 Steering Wheel Please

Tom D

Looking for the early heater / defroster box for my 65 Ford Econoline

Sean Ellis

Greetings to all, I am looking for a set of rear cargo doors with windows. I have a set windowless doors but prefer to have the windows in the rear doors does anyone have some they would sell? Also looking for two sets of cargo door handles for the outside of the doors.


Brandon Keys

Any ideas on how to adjust the doors? The drives door doesnt close completely and drags on the wheel well when trying to close


are the pins in hinge tight ? if not rebush , if yes use block of wood and twist door up

Harold Thurmond

Looking for a source for weatherstripping for the cab corner windows for my 65 Econoline pickup. Any ideas?


need the trim for a 65 spring special just the back. I have the front door pieces.

Mike hanley

Need tailgate support rods 1961 pup


I have a rust free Arizona 61 Econoline Pickup… What was the earliest production number? Were they mixed with other Ford models? I also wanted to know if I should keep it original as-is or strip and repaint…

Last edited 4 months ago by Richie
Mike hanley

Mike hanley

Mike hanley

I need 1961-62 econoline tailgate support rods


I have a 1966 i,m installing a c4 behind a 240 , looking for factory top auto trany mount, kick down linkage from carb to trany