Displayed below are various pictures of custom interior modifications made by Ford Econoline Pickup Facebook community member Bob Hillman.  The list of functional mods include the following.

  1. Wood trim added to the dashboard and included a cup holder setup
  2. Seats changed so they would fold down
  3. Added a package shelf with drawers (behind seats)
  4. Black carpet with storage box under each set

Check out the pics below:


Leave any thoughts or questions in the comments section below…

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This is a great idea! Nice work!!

Ric Cromwell

Where or what are the seats from?
Is the engine cover stock or ………

Robert Hillman

New from Summit


Very Nice , love the color. I’m restoring my 67 5 window now. Looking for a steering colume. No where there’s one? Butch

KJ & Angie

Restoring a 1962 E100 Econoline with my husband’s guidance. It’s my project but his truck. I’m desperately searching for parts.But for now, I am trying to clean up this dash plate. The “Gen” and “Oil” are simple round red plastic pieces that need to be replaced.

Robert Hillman

Enjoy!! they are a real eye catcher when on the road!