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Matthew Marshall

Looking for front seats a 1964 Econoline van. Any advice or suggestions on what would work would be greatly appreciated

Lyle Simons

If they’re the same as 1961 Pickup – I have a pair. Currently on ebay.


I believe 1961 through 1964 are the same, except of course for the original covering. The upholstery patterns changed from year to year. The 65, 66 and 67 had different frames and legs.


did you sell your seats ?

Carlos Quintanilla

I have the bucket seats for a 62 Econoline. Contact me [email protected]

Charles E. Bourger

Hello I went to the junk yard found two bucket seats I liked that were not too wide and build bolted holed square iron together ans wala! Works great


I’d love to see a forum for early Econoline trucks! I’m trying to find out how many early Econolines were manufactured with factory 4-speed column shifts. Anyone with any knowledge of this??

Ron Boesl

Not sure but I have correct drive shaft for the 4 speed and a drivers sun visor with the 4 speed shift instructions in it.

Paul Holmes

I stand corrected Worked for ford 20 + years.. Never saw a 4 speed early one


A 4-speed manual was offered in 1963/64 It was transmission code F.

Made by Dagenham, with ratios 3.163, 2.214, 1.412, 1, R3.346.

Part # C3UZ 7003-B It wasn’t very robust.

Fred Bonnett

Are you a member of 61 Econolines on Facebook?

Paul Holmes

I believe there were zero early 4 speed Econolines until the 2nd gen
The column shifters had only 2 gates


There was a 4 speed in 63/64 I mention above.

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Richard L. Brooks

I am looking for info on putting a C4 trany in my 63 econoline pickup. What year to look for what drive shaft to use?

Ron Madding

I have a 351 w and a c6 trans in my 1967 econoline van. Used stock 240 stick driveshaft with a special u-joint.

Doug Cox

I have a 1964 Econoline pickup that has a C4
The engine was swapped for a 200 cubic inch with a
Bellhousing flange that accepts small block
I think that engine is called a big bell 200
I am taking the C4 out and installing a 3 speed
Out of a v8 car


I picked up a 1961 Econoline that I’m fixing up for my local arts council. These are the parts I need to make her safe:

-Drive shaft
-Rear differential
-Right rear leaf springs

Paul Holmes



Looking for an econoline truck in the Midwest. Nice driver no rust/little rust.
No mechanical issues – please let me know if you have anything.


I’ve got a 5 window ’62 that’s in very good shape. No rust, ready for paint (it’s in primer black). Original motor (170 cu. in.), three speed. No mechanical issues. All original parts. Good glass. Interior nice. You could drive it the way it is and have a very nice truck. I’m in central Indiana. $8,000


I’ve got one. I’m in central Indiana
[email protected]


I have a 65 that is red. body in extremely good shape. gas tank has a leak is the only problem.

Carl Frost

Looking for a passenger seat and an ash tray for a 62 pickup

Jim Garey

I picked up a 1965 econoline panel van back in april that has been sitting since about 1985, 98% rust free. I think most everything is there but it obviously will need total restoration. I started pulling the 170 ci motor today that is locked up.
I just wanted to share the info with other enthusiasts.
Ryan, as for a windshield, call local glass shops. I found one in ft worth who can get them and the new seal $329 installed


Looking to put disc brakes on my 63 Econoline pickup. Any thoughts on which hubs / conversion kit to use. Looks like Econoline uses the same wheel bearing as Galaxie.

Ian E

D and D Disc brakes conversion seems like a tried and true fit
they claim to have some new parts coming out this october?
also has a direct bolt on power master cylinder, supposedly.
I just contacted them to see what the best options are for early econoline
also instagramer fomocochoptop just put disc brakes on his 66 econoline front and rear


Let me know how the disc brakes work on the front. Saw an old ad with a pickup with stock brakes and it stood on it nose. just curious what disc would do.

David brown

Ford was supposed to have put a 165 lbs weight above the rear tires to prevent that.


looking for a replacement fuel tank for my 1965 econoline. what could I use to substitute that will fit underneath ?


48-51 chevy tank and sending unit. Summit racing $237


looking for a 62 gas tank

Craig McDonald

Great resource Great web site – Need indication if the trucks are still for sale or sold.


Yo!! I have a 64 Econoline Sport Van and want to put a hitch on it to carry my Enduro. Max weight 400 lbs. Anyone here have any luck fabricating and welding a hitch to their van?


I have looking for ford f150 emblem for my truck. Any recommendations?

Daniel Thurber

Looking for a doghouse cover for my ’64 Mercury Epup Same as the Ford


I am looking for someone that has done the 302 V8 conversion. Someone I can bounce ideas off, and show me pitfalls. To make this a smooth transition. Thanks!

Ron Madding

I have a 351w and a c6 trans in the 1967 Econoline window van with very little modes. The dog house was kicked out very nicely.

Bob Hillman

I am looking for a scale model Ford Econoline pickup to add to my collection to go with my nice pickup

Bob Hillman

I found one at Fairfield Collectabiles


I have one for sale.

Ed Borgman

looking to use a 2 post lift , for my 62 Econoline pickup , where should be my pick up points be ??

Joe Railey

Ed, did you ever find anything about lifting points or a CG? I’m wanting to know the same information. Thanks

Harold Begtrup

I need a left front brake backing plate for an E-100. Thanks.

Gene @ Bill Colwell Ford

The boss here is looking for an NOS exhaust for his 65 Econoline, I believe it’s the 170cu engine. We found an exhaust manifold through C&G Ford Parts a few months back but having a tough time locating more than that.


Hey Guys, I need a 61-63 steering Knuckle, Left side…with or without Spindle
Why is this seemingly so hard to find?
C1UU 3106-A
Thanks for any help, Kevin


looking for a complete drive shaft for a 1964 econoline pickup with a 144 engine and 3 speed transmission.


Looking to buy a nice, mostly original ’66 or ’67 E100 pickup. Not looking for major projects, desire clean Western tin, no rust buckets. Let me know what you have, and what you have to have, thanks! Mike


My dad and I are restoring a 64 Fairlane, building a Thunderbolt clone. From what I read they used Econoline bucket seats in the car. So, in short lol, I’m looking for a pair of bucket seats out of a 64 Econoline van.

Luke Woods

Howdy howdy everybody, I’m searching for a pair of bucket seats for a 63-64 Econoline van or truck.

James Fowlkes

Did you find seats. I bought a 63 van for parts. Has seats in it. Just wandering if you still needed.


Love the early flat nose Econolines. Looking to buy one soon.


I love em too ! But I see a lot of ignorance here , What;s with everybody calling a straight 6 a V6 ?? I hate when people don’t know what they even own

William A. Mincey

Looking for chrome front and rear bumpers for 63 Econoline pickup

William A. Mincey

Looking to sell a running 144 cu in. Plus two 351 M’s and a C6

James Van Paepeghem

I am looking for a pair of front seats and the mounting brackets to which they mount on for my 1964 Ford Econoline pick up. I recently purchased this classic beauty and cant wait to restore it. Will most likely need a newer gas tank as well.
Thanks, Jim from Columbus, Ohio


just purchased a 64. would like to hang an injected 4.9/5speed out of a 91 f150. any ideas on how to manage the shifter?

Jesse Hudson

I’m have a 61 pickup looking for cross member from 65-67 or after market to to put 289 and c4 in it I realize I have to beef up frame any help?

Curt Ockman


Curt Ockman

Hello, would like to see more updated classifieds.

charles davis

I’m looking for a tail gate for 1963 Econoline Pickup 3 window

Mark Yniguez

Is it possible to install power steering on a first generation Econoline?

Davin Hartley

Hey Mark, did you figure out a good way to install power steering? I’m hoping to do this also.

Jonathan Sales

Hello! Looking for a Holley 1 barrel carburetor for my 1965 Ford Econoline. Its a 170 2.8L engine. Any help would be appreciated!


Where you located. Know where 65 van with complete engine and he wants to sell engine but not the van in NC

Jonathan Sales

I’m in Salt Lake City. The engine I have is good, just need a new carburetor for it and I’m having a hard time finding one that fits.


Looking for windshield rubber. I know there is a universal seal not the best but I am looking for oem style that fits in tightly. Just found windshield in Atlanta this past week but they didn’t have the seal. Dennis Carpenter doesn’t have link to Econolines anymore

Chris shanks

Beaver econoline parts on Ebay. Bought one and it was great.


Windshield rubber is the same as the F100 pickup from the same years. Dennis Carpenter has them.

Chris shanks

I need a tailgate for 67 e100

Chris shanks

What would be the best shocks to put on a 67 e100 240 manual 3 sod


Turn signals and fuel gauge not working, help


Ive got a 65 econoline pick up, lowered it and it sits great, just looking on how to improve the ride? shocks? Bags? Anyone?

Ronald Sample

How did you lower your van

Jeff Martin

I de arched the springs, replaced all the bushings, its a 65 pick up. Ride isnt bad, a little bumpy but no big deal.

Steve Colello

Need info on a master cylinder 67 Model


It has a dual reservoir, it is made of steel, and they all need to be resleeved. What else do you need?


Anyone out there ever put a/c in their econoline p/u ??.im not sure where to start


What does everyone usr for defrost flutes?


What does everyone use for defrost flutes?


Rigid makes a nozzle for their shop vac that fits perfectly and can connect to the original hoses.

Mark H

I couldn’t find any for my 66. Ended up making some out of 1/16″ abs sheet. Took a few tries to get the vacuforming right but they came out pretty good.

Ryan Weltman

Looking for factory rubber flooring for cab of my 1963 Econoline


You don’t want a factory floor rmat unless you want one that has dry rotted after sitting around for fifty years.


Looking for a red 1960s econoline pickup that has an old freezer lid with bulldog painted on it as a tailgate. It has a lot of precious memories and my uncle sold it awhile ago without telling my mom ie. his sister and it wasn’t supposed to be sold in the first place.

David Brown

How difficult is it to fit a 289 into the engine compartment. What motor mounts do you use? Is there a mount for the transmission I’m wanting to put a C4 behind it.


Should fit fairly easily in 1965-1967 dog house. The 1961-1964 dog house is smaller, but you can get a later doghouse and put it in an early. Easiest is if the stock engine was a 240. In that case you can use the original transmission and rear axle.

Henry Born

I have a 65 Eco truck, looking for front body panels, selling my rear body panels, making a stake bed on the back. Looked through internet for front body panels to no avail. Any ideas? thx

Henry Born

The body panels are the ones over the front wheels


Nobody makes new body panels. Find a donor van.


Do you still have rear body panels?

Rance Pederson

Henry I’m just starting a 65 restoration and in search of a tail gate. If you have one would you sell it? No matter the condition. e-mail me please!


1965 Ford Econoline E100 Pickup, 2 wheel drive, 6 cyl, 3.9l, 240 cid

I am looking for any information on a complete exhaust system.

Thank you!


Find a used exhaust manifold, then take the van to an exhaust shop. Nobody makes the specific parts, but you could make your own. Exhaust shop can fabricate what you need.

shane spangler

looking to buy a 1961 the only tag with vin is on drivers door that says warranty there has to be another plate some place any help would be great

James Johnston

I had the same problem found the vin number on the right rear bar that is behind the tail light. I also read that a vin# may be stamped on the right side frame but you have to remove the dog coop to get at it.