Established in 2014 is a website focused on the iconic 1960’s Ford Econoline Pickup.  This includes informational pages, media, links to other useful websites and other resources.

Another core feature of this website, is a current and archived North American classifieds section which features directly submitted seller listings as well as ads curated from other popular classifieds sites.


Our Mission

We have several distinct goals with this website. Listed below are the resources and information we aim to provide here:

  • Central source for info, specs, tech data and related materials
  • Aggregator of United States Craigslist classified ads along with links to other ad directories
  • Place for sellers of Econoline Pickups to list their vehicles
  • Site for potential buyers to see various trucks available for sale
  • Research / data point for both buyers and sellers to see pricing
  • Hub for resources including forums, parts and other content sites
  • Comprehensive provider of truck history collaborated by top online sources including HowStuffWorks & The Truth About Cars


Our Goal: Site Updates

It is our goal to keep this site updated on a regular basis.  This of course most important is in reference to our classifieds section.  We always post seller submitted ads within 48 hours of receiving all the correct information from the seller.  It is best to follow us on social media to see this listings the minute they go live.

It is our aim to repost from Craigslist, eBay and other sources at least once per week.  However this is a flexible time-frame given the other projects we are working on.  If you have subscribed to our mailing list (Click Here if you would like to do so) you will get emails from us whenever we do one of these large bulk updates.  And from time to time we will email you with any major changes to the site.


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Truck Sales

One of the functions of is to provide reposts along with original ads for Ford Econoline Pickups. We focus on reposting Craigslist ads from across the United States. We do this as a convenience for our visitors so that they can see all current Ford Econoline Pickups for sale in one place. We also allow users of this site to post their own trucks for sale

Please note that this website is not directly involved in the sale of any vehicle listed here. Furthermore, this site and its owners/operators are not responsible for the information posted or reposted here. It is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to perform their own due diligence before conducting any financial transaction. is not responsible for any damages that should arise through the use of this site.


Sold Listings

One of our goals is to be a research site for buyers and sellers to see the past Ford Econoline Pickups for sale in various states, cities and regions across the United States. We want users to be able to see past truck sales prices along with features, pictures, etc. For this reason we do not remove old ad posts. We do however do our best to mark these old ads as sold. However because of our own personal bandwidth along with the nature of ad expiration on Craigslist, we can usually only do this when the seller, buyer and an interested party contacts us directly.

If you are the seller of a Ford Econoline Pickup listed on this site and would like your contact information removed along with the vehicle marked as sold, please send us a message. Be sure to use the subject line “Sold Listing” to expedite the process.


Copyright Use is not endorsed by the Ford marque which is owned by Ford Motor Company. Additionally this site is not affiliated with Craigslist, eBay or any other classified ad site which content has been reformatted and republished here. The use of the Ford name and other trademarks is done so in compliance with the Fair Use clause of US Copyright Law. All trademarks and copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners.

Images used on this site are both from various online sources including classified sites. No images on this site are owned by and all rights are reserved by respective owners. If you are the owner of an image featured on this and would like it removed, please contact us.


Content Accuracy, Timeliness and Availability

The information presented on this site is not guaranteed to be complete, accurate or up-to-date. Additionally while we do our best to update this site regularly there is no guarantee of this or the continued operation of the site. Please contact us should you have any questions about this.